Ambassadors Sent With Information For This Time

Contract Services

Sisters In Christ/Soldiers In Christ Ministries Inc.

Book & Media Publishing—–ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC

Movie Productions, Plays—-EBs Flip The Script Productions

Staffing Company for Attorneys—-Oliveras & Company, Inc.

Health, Business, and Life Coaches—–David Lee 123

Life, Health, Accident, & Annuities—– Insurance Services

Ministry Counseling, Conferences—- Counseling Services

Travel, Vacations, Get-Aways, Retreats—–Travel Services

Travel Agent Opportunity——–Travel Services

Books, Computer Software, CD’s & DVDs—-Bookstore

The Young Scholar’s Book Club Educational Services

Tutoring for Pre-K to College—– Educational Services

Scholarships for Pre-K to 12th grade—Educational Services

Advertising, Commercials, Public Relations

THE ASWIFTT JOURNAL Newspaper—Advertising

ASWIFTT RADIO———-Commercials

ASWIFTT TELEVISION—— News, Advertising, Commercials

ASWIFTT & ASWIFTT JR. Writer’s Guild are not responsible for any business or customer service related issues connected to any business advertised on this page. All business or customer service issues should be handled directly with the business the customer received or solicited services from.


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