Ambassadors Sent With Information For This Time


The ASWIFTT Toolbox is a box of resources for ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild members only. This resource box is updated periodically with information to help members produce Quality & Unique published works. It is the ASWIFTT Founders vision to see our members knowledgeable, equipped, proficient, expedient, & accurate in their chosen craft.

The ASWIFTT Toolbox includes Books, Articles, CDs, DVDs, Websites & More for ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild members to check out via U.S. mail or e-mail.

E-mail us at to request a catalog of the ASWIFTT Toolbox resources.

All materials from the ASWIFTT Toolbox must be requested by filling out the order form included with the ASWIFTT Toolbox catalog.  Allow 3 to 5 business days for your request for materials to be processed. If you are ordering Books, Pamplets, Magazines, Brochures, CDs, or DVDs please send $8.00 in a check, cashier’s check, or money order Payable To:

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild
Att: ASWIFTT Toolbox
P.O. Box 380669
Duncanville, Texas 75138

When books, Pamplets, Magazines, Brochures, CDs or DVDs are returned to our ASWIFTT Toolbox, members will receive a refund of $8.00.   The $8.00 fee covers any items that are not returned or lost.


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