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ASWIFTT Is Looking For Interns!

AWG LOGO PenASWIFTT Writer’s Guild and ASWIFTT PUBLISHING are now interviewing interns for various jobs throughout the ASWIFTT Brand.  All high school Jrs, Seniors and college students are encouraged to apply who have an interest in the Literary, Visual & Performing Arts. The Mission of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild is to mentor, support & help develop guild members in ASWIFTT PUBLISHING LOGO9their chosen craft.  ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild plays a key role in helping guild members to discover & use their God given talents to impact the world. The goal of ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC is to produce and publish unique and quality works that educate, entertain, enlighten and uplift audiences while contributing to the Literary, Visual and Performing Arts.

Immediate Jobs include:

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild

3 Administrative Assistants who will be assigned to an ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Founder.

Brenda Johnson Padgitt
Glenda Fields
Eunice Bridges

E-Mail Resumes to:


Marketing Representatives
Customer Service Representatives
Sales Representatives

E-Mail Resumes to:  ASWIFTT RADIO New Logo


Intern Reporter
Production Assistant

E-Mail Resumes to:


Movie Review Of “The Prayer Of A Righteous Seed”

Film Review by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

“The Prayer Of A Righteous Seed” by Eunice Bridges

flipdascriptpicThe Prayer of a Righteous Seed by Eunice Bridges is a short film about a wayward young man who lives his life chasing women, hanging with gangsters and carrying weapons. His mother and wife continue to pray for his soul hoping one day he will be saved. The wayward young man is named Ray Ray. He is a fictional character played by Dr. Gregory Tatum, founder of the National Unity Summit. The movie is a testament of how life can spiral downward for young men who live without rules and boundaries. Adultery, lies, drugs, guns, etc. can lead to a dead end path and possibly death. Ray Ray finds out that running in the fast lane can lead to all types of problems. His mother and wife never give up on him. His mother declares that he is her righteous seed in the midst of his chaos.

Dr. Gregory Tatum did an awesome job of playing the character Ray Ray. He took on the role and brought the character Ray Ray to life. Dr. Tatum’s acting skills helps audiences see the true nature of Ray Ray and his cry for help. In the film, audiences can see the good and bad side of Ray Ray. They can also understand his heart and the film shows Ray Ray taking responsibility for his life after a major tragedy. Dr. Tatum’s portrayal of Ray Ray is real and authentic.  In real life Dr. Gregory Tatum is a minister, father and grandfather. He is also the founder of the National Unity Summit. Dr. Tatum plays a major role in helping real life people similar to Ray Ray in “The Prayer Of A Righteous Seed.” His organization helps young men, gang members, and all youth. Dr. Tatum’s mission is to teach our young generation to be more responsible for their actions and solve problems through non-violence. Dr. Tatum participated as a key note speaker on October 3, 2015 at the “Million Youth Peace March” in Washington, D. C.  He was also a recent guest on ASWIFTT RADIO and KERO Channel 23 ABC News.  To contact Dr. Gregory Tatum e-mail him at:

Eunice BridgesEunice Bridges, who is the CEO of EBs Flip The Script Productions, wrote, produced and starred in “The Prayer of A Righteous Seed” in 2006.  Ms. Bridges was successful at bringing her written story to life.  The story is transparent, thought-provoking, healing and life-changing.  This film was viewed and welcomed by a vast group of churches and organizations alike.  In 2010, Ms. Bridges filmed her first commercial entitled “Change” and another film in 2011 titled “Ain’t Going Out Like That.” Ms. Bridges’ talents go well beyond the pages of this biography and she is sure to play a significant part in the “Next Generation” of film producers and directors.

Eunice Bridges is also the Co-Founder of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild.  Ms. Bridges is the mother of three children: Jamiela Day, Keona Harris and Michael Bowens, Jr.  She is also the grandmother of seven: Rajeena, Dayja, Mya, Annamiel, Mayani, Maqil and Annaliyah.  Ms. Bridges says she is blessed to share her testimonies and is endeavored to inspire others on their journey to be authors as well.  She has also written Destiny of Flight by CAT, A Day Like Mine, Silent Cry, A Child’s Laughter, and Eunice Bridges Poetry Collection Volume I.   To purchase a copy of “The Prayer of A Righteous Seed” contact Eunice at:  You can also preview a clip of the movie below:


The Prayer Of A Righteous Seed


Dr. Gregory Tatum Making A Difference At The Million Youth Peace March


Local pastor marching in Washington D.C. as part of annual, “Million Youth Peace March”