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ASWIFTT JR. Members READS TO KIDS At Pat’s Learning Academy!

Pat's Learning Academy Pic 6Another successful ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild event on September 2, 2015 at Pat’s Learning Academy. Co-Founder, Brenda Johnson Padgitt and ASWIFTT Jr. member, Kamille Padgitt, made appearances at the academy to read “A Day Like Mine” by Eunice Bridges. Students enjoyed listening to the fiction story about Megan and her special doll. The story begins with Megan waking up in the morning to a new school day. She is excited about the special doll her friend Lisa sent her in the mail. Megan wants to take her doll to school for “Show and Tell.” She prepared for this day carefully but starts off on the wrong foot when she forgets her special doll at home. The story was relevant to the kids of Pat’s Learning Academy. Many of the students had something to share about losing a truck, car, doll or special toy. The story “A Day Like Mine,” shows how a good day can quickly turn into a bad day.  The author of “A Day Like Mine,” Eunice Bridges, is also a moviePat's Learning Academy Pic 2 producer, playwright, and a Co-Founder of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild. Eunice has also written “A Child’s Laughter,” “Silent Cry,” “The Last Flight,” and “Eunice Bridges Poetry Collection, Vol. I”

The visit to Pat’s Learning Academy is part of ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild community service Program called “ASWIFTT Jr. Members READS TO KIDS.” ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild also has another community service program called “ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild READS TO SENIORS.” Both programs launched on March 11, 2014.

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild wants to thank Pat Fowler, the owner of Pat’s Learning Academy, for Pat's Learning Academy Pic 5allowing us to share books with students of the academy. We also want to thank Ms. Tay, Ms. Fran, Mrs. Russell, and Ms. Amor who are the teachers. Thank you for allowing us to contribute to your students’ academic success. We appreciate the opportunity! For more information on ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild and its community programs you can contact us at: