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ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild and ASWIFTT PUBLISHING Spread The Word About ASWIFTT

Eunice Bridges Book Fair 1

6-14-2015 by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild has successfully completed two events during the month of June.  The Sacramento Black Book Fair and the ASWIFTT Book Signing 2015.  Eunice Bridges, ASWIFTT Co-Founder and author of Silent Cry, participated in Sacramento Black Book Fair held at the Oak Park United Methodist Church.  Eunice met and greeted many people.  She gave out ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Flyers with information about the guild.  Over all,  Eunice said she had a good time and it was more exposure for her as an author and ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild.  The ASWIFTT Book Signing 2015 took place at the Runway Shoes Store in Vista Ridge Mall in Lewisville, Texas.  Authors Kenneth Simmons, Kamille Padgitt and Brenda Johnson Padgitt wereASWIFTT Runway Shoes BookSigning Logo on the scene to pass out flyers about ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild, meet new people and help out at Venus Matthews shoe store.  Many guests came to either buy shoes or learn about the opportunities that ASWIFTT had to offer.  The event took place from 1 pm to 5 pm.  ASWIFTT Author Kenneth Simmons took pictures with many of his guests.  ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild and ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC want to thank Venus Matthews and her mom for their hospitality to Team ASWIFTT!

If you are interested in ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild or ASWIFTT PUBLISHING, LLC contact us at or



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ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Signs New ASWIFTT Members: Bridgette McCullough and Rachel Butler

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild welcomes its two newest members Bridgette McCullough and Rachel Butler.  Bridgette and Rachel are a mother/daughter team who joined ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild with a desire to get mentoring and become published authors.  Bridgette McCullough is new to the literary world.  She is now putting her passion of writing to work and pursing her dream.  She says it is a blessing to get the opportunity to work with ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Founders, Brenda Johnson Padgitt, Eunice Bridges and Glenda Fields.  She further stated that she feels confident in the founders’ knowledge, skill-set, talents, and desire to help her achieve her literary goals.

Since childhood, Bridgette has written poetry, short stories and thoughts about life in her journal.  Bridgette is an avid reader, lover of art Rachel Butler picand music.  She is a proclaimed self-taught dancer, video/photographer and admires the triumph of the human spirit.  Her ultimate life goal is to write and travel all over the world. Rachel Butler joined ASWIFTT Jr. Writer’s Guild with a passion to write.  She is a creative, thought provoking 10 year old student who has written several short stories.  She also received an award for an essay she had written. The award became a motivation for Rachel to continue writing and become a published author.  With the assistance of ASWIFTT Jr. Writer’s Guild, she is happy to have support and mentorship to make her dream a reality. Rachel also loves to act, swim, play video games and bake.

For more information on ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild membership contact us at: or call 1-866-302-0508.


ASWIFTT Member David Lee Speaks Out On Pool Party Incident In McKinney, Texas

David Lee Pic3Always proud to see an ASWIFTT (Ambassadors Sent With Information For This Time) Representative following their convictions and standing up for what is right.  ASWIFTT Member David Lee among many concerned citizens of McKinney, Texas voiced their concerns about the actions of police officers at a pool party on June 5, 2015.  It is imperative that concerned citizens be courageous to demand justice and accountability when gross infractions take place.

Watch Video Below:


Pool Party In McKinney, Texas On June 5, 2015