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Book Review: Real Men Speak “Womanese”

Review by Brenda Johnson Padgitt 6-8-2014

Real Men Speak “Womanese” by Lawrence J Moore

real-men-speak-womanese-pic2Real Men Speak Womanese is a must read for men and women alike.  Lawrence J Moore was coined “The Relationship Mechanic” in the process of helping couples fix relationship issues.  He genuinely cares for people and wants the best for them.  In his book “Real Men Speak Womanese,” Mr. Moore tackles many chapter topics on relationships.  Chapters such as “Me & Mr. or Miss Misunderstood,” “Applying the Banking Principle,” and “Learning the Language of Apology,” are applied to relationships.

In Chapter 3 “Me and Mr. or Miss Misunderstood,” Lawrence makes an important note that when couples don’t understand each other there is a breach in the communication.  Moore also says that information and honesty must be combined to make communication work.  According to Moore’s research the definition of understanding is comprehension, the power to think and learn, it is intelligence; Understanding is a specific interpretation; mutual agreement.  A person who understands you will be the one who settle differences.

Lawrence also says there are three foundational principles that need to be in place to make a relationship work.  He says the three principles can be applied to both men and women.  The first principle is you must love him or her, you must be unselfish towards him or her, and you must want the relationship enough to make it work.  Lawrence wants his readers to understand that both men and women have issues they need to work through.

In Moore’s Chapter 4 of his book “Real Men Speak Womanese,” he discusses the banking principle and how it applies to relationships.  He says that relationships and marriages are like bank accounts.  What you deposit into your relationship is what you get out of it.  No deposits, no withdraws.  Moore says the bank account principle is a good analogy for relationships and marriages.  He says when you learn the elements of banking and apply them it will produce a pattern of discipline in you.  Moore also uses the banking principle to point out that couples can control the success or failure of their relationships.

Learning the Language of Apology is another chapter that Moore presents in “Real Men Speak Womanese.”  Lawrence says there are two dimensions to the Language of Apology.  The first dimension is taking accountability that you have wronged another person.  The second dimension is recognizing what you are apologizing for.  He says a proper apology should have an explanation of why you are sorry.  He further states that a real apology terminates the conflict.  The one who is apologizing genuinely seeks forgiveness and wants to take accountability for their behavior.  Moore says men and women alike need the healing of the Apologetic Language.

Moore has successfully tapped into the internal fabric of relationships.  As a “Relationship Mechanic,” he has diagnosed the problems and shows men and women how to use the proper tools and labor to repair their own relationships.  Mr. Moore’s book is worthy of a spot on bookshelves of every home.  All couples should invest and purchase “Real Men Speak Womanese.”


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