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Boisseau’s Emet Truth by Masika Ray

Boisseau's Emet Truth cover

2-8-2014 by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

ASWIFTT Author Masika Ray published her first book “Boisseau’s Emet Truth” in 2012.   Boisseau’s Emet Truth is about an autistic man, Andre, who is falsely accused of raping his niece, Dora.  Alexandre and Andre Boisseau are twin brothers.  Before dying, their mother encouraged Alexandre to take care of his brother because of his diagnosis.  When Andre is accused of raping his niece, society’s pressure forces Alexandre to allow outsiders to determine Andre’s future. Years later, Alexandre and Andre become ill around the same time.  After Alexandre recovers, he cares for his brother without his family’s knowledge.  Alexandre’s son Junior has his father followed by a private eye and confronts him.  Junior joins his father in helping Andre.  They take Andre to a therapist, who begins to unravel the truth and start the healing process.  During therapy, Andre becomes the teacher, reminding his family of what really matters. Dora and her husband move back to New Orleans to help her father Alexandre with his medical clinic.  The move increases her nightmares, and she is forced to deal with the rape and other secrets.  Discoveries are made when the Boisseau family realizes how secretes can impact people physically, mentally, and spiritually.  Each member of the family is transformed when faced with their personal truths.  Alexandre’s best friend Charles is a minister of a mega-church.  Although he’s a man of the cloth, he has a deceptive dark side.  Charles hates Alexandre and believes he stole his father’s affection from him, along with LaNora, the woman he wanted to marry.  Charles’ obsession with LaNora drives him to hire a LaNora look-alike escort to pacify his desires.  When that doesn’t work, his madness grows and leads to his self-destruction.  Murder, lies, secrets, deceit, lust, and rape are some of the evil spirits this Christian family must face before finding the truth.

About the Author:

Masika at book signingMasika Ray is a Christian, mother of two wonderful daughters, educator, author, human rights activist, and lover of ALL God’s people!  She has a Master’s of Education and Bachelor’s of Business Administration.  She is an advocate for people with autism, equal rights for everyone, and bully-free workplaces and schools.





2-3-2014 by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

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