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The SHESS Revolution Has Begun

Book Review by Brenda Johnson Padgitt 6-14-2013

“Let’s Play SHESS” Succeed in your game of life and business by playing chess: From Pawn to Queen.

by Wendy Oliveras

Lets Play Shess book picIt is no secret that Wendy Oliveras started a revolution when she wrote “Let’s Play SHESS” Succeed in your game of life and business by playing chess: From Pawn to Queen.  Her inspirational SHESS Movement is to encourage women and girls of all ages and backgrounds to play a fun game of chess and transfer the chess-playing skills into their real life activities, including business development.  Oliveras is the Founder and CEO of Oliveras & Company and SHESS Global Alliance.  She is also an author, columnist, search consultant and motivational career mentor.  Her goal is to mentor and motivate women and girls to believe in their abilities and achieve their goals.

“Let’s Play SHESS” is an easy read and is well written.  The word SHESS in the title of the book was Wendy’s creative and intuitive way of giving women a place in the world of Chess while projecting a powerful inherent message.  Wendy explains that she merged the word SHE and CHESS together thus making SHESS.  She also explains in her book what it means to be a SHESS player.

Wendy starts her book with a personal experience that she faced which became the turning point and cornerstone for writing her latest book.  She wants women to understand they have the power within themselves to move their status in life from Pawn to Queen.  On page 73-74, Wendy states “Being a Queen in either circumstance signifies you are unrestricted when making your own strategic moves and decisions.  This is a powerful position to have in SHESS.  Depending on what personal and entrepreneurial path you choose to take, you must BELIEVE you have what it takes to follow any dream or start your own business.”

In “Let’s Play SHESS” Succeed in your game of life and business by playing chess: From Pawn to Queen, Wendy successfully shows the correlation of life’s challenges and the game of Chess.  She believes women and girls can learn invaluable skills that are taught in the game of CHESS. She also believes that these skills are paramount to becoming successful in obtaining your dreams and goals.  So Ladies, “Let’s Play SHESS!”


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