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The Land of Simonia by Kenneth Simmons

TLOS by Kenneth Simmons

1-12-2013 by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

ASWIFTT Author Kenneth Simmons started his fiction writings with “The Land of Simonia” in July 2010.   The story is based on the life of 3 brothers Kendeto Karru, Wayen Marsh, and Richus Tenche and their quest to bring peace to their entire galaxy. Along the way their powers will be tested by their galaxy’s most elite warriors in their attempt to conquer Simonia. Victories will be won and lives will be lost but Simonia will live on. Simonia is a beautiful world created by Marrushee Oran, his goal was to create a new race of people that can represent his kingdom’s way of living.

Kenneth Simmons was born in the small town of Greenwood, Mississippi. He grew to become a writer at the age of 19.  He married his high school sweetheart in 2004.  They have two handsome little boys and live a good life in Duncanville TX. In 2001, Kenneth gave his life to God.  After that moment there was something placed inside of him.  He wrote his first book of gospel poetry and a collection of stories.  His goal is to give the world something fresh and new to see and read.  He hopes his writings leave you wanting more and more of Simonia.