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Look Out The Enemy Is Coming!

by Glenda Fields

“Blending a personal approach with a vision of Christianity; unveiling the masks in our lives; exposing the unknown or unseen forces behind them. Do you know what unseen force is lurking behind your door? Do you know why every aspect of your life is a target of this unseen force? NO! Well, LOOK OUT THE ENEMY IS COMING! Is a much needed tool for your use, that you may recognize and expose the works of the enemy, and secure the doors of your heart, mind, and hearing!”

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A Day Like Mine

by Eunice Bridges

A Day Like Mine is about a little girl who begins her day on the wrong foot. Megan excited about going to school to show off her doll. This doll is not just any ordinary doll; this doll is from her favorite friend Lisa. Megan and Lisa grew up together and eventually moved apart. Lisa had not forgotten Megan and sent her a letter and a doll in the mail. The boy who was not afraid of horses is about a little boy who visits his grandfather’s farm. JD knows much about his grandfather’s farm and after visiting the farm one summer he is able to go to school and share his adventure with his friends.

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Conversations With God

by Glenda Fields

Throughout history, women have shared common struggles, pains, hurts, joys, and longings for a deeper more passionate relationship with God on a more personal level. So as a woman and as a writer I have opened up my heart to you to show
you how I have faithfully walked with God through battles and victory, through sorrow and celebration.

For every woman who has longed to spark and feed closer to God. It is my desire to show you how to spend time with to surrender all unto the Lord, as a woman who has experienced brokenness shares her intimate conversations with her God. May you be challenged and encouraged by the writings in this compilation as my soul speaks to yours, and as they are joined together in the pursuit of an enduring, life-changing, passionate relationship with God!

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Count It All Joy When You Encounter Various Trials

Excerpt from page 46

How Did I Get Into This Mess? 2nd Ed.

Personal Prayer by

Brenda Johnson Padgitt 9-3-2012

Dear Father thank you for comforting me during my trials and tribulations.  Thank you for trusting me to endure the trials that have been assigned to me.  Thank you for teaching me and building my character during the time of trouble.  Read More..

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“Make a Difference…Teach?

Foreword on page vii

The Young Scholar’s Workbook:

Book I Vol. I by

Brenda Johnson Padgitt 9-3-2012

When I read the motto, “Make a Difference…Teach?”  I immediately see a question proposed by the motto.  When I look at the motto more closely, I notice that it is two-fold.  It makes a bold statement to make a difference and it proposes a question to the reader.

First, the motto is meant to encourage and boldly challenge the reader to make a difference in the world.  Second, the motto proposes the question, Teach?  Is teaching the answer to making a difference in the world?  Read More….

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