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Your Dreams Depend On Your Actions

Excerpt from page 14

Articles for Personal Growth and Development

by Brenda Johnson Padgitt 8-24-2012


“It’s Up To You To Get Your Dreams And Goals Moving”

Many people wonder why they never accomplish their dreams or goals.  Some continue to use the old popular saying “I am waiting for my ship to come in.” What ship are you talking about?  Your goals and dreams will never happen if you don’t sow labor into time.  Read more….

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Silent Cry Book Excerpt

Excerpt from Silent Cry page 16  by Eunice Bridges

As he was coming out of the store with his bags in his arms, he looked across the parking lot at a woman who looked as if she was in a daze.

Can I help you lady? He says as he approaches her.  I just want to help you that is all, as Reggie reaches for her hand.  Lady are you all right?  Talking but getting no response, Reggie continues to lean forward in hopes this frightened lady would trust he was there to help.

Becky startles for a moment while turning toward Reggie with bruises over her face and tears filling her eyes.

“Oh Lord,” Reggie says as he reaches out his hands to bring her comfort.  Let me take you to the hospital lady.  Can I drive you to the hospital so you can get some help?  His voice faintly echoes in the night air.

You need to have that cut on your forehead stitched up.  Becky swirling in a daze beckons him away.  As she shakes her head and with her hands flying in motion she managed to do some sign language.

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Articles for Personal Growth and Development by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Co-Founder, Brenda Johnson Padgitt, released her latest book Articles for Personal Growth and Development: Volume I in 2012.

Articles for Personal Growth and Development, Volume I is a collection of articles written by Brenda Johnson Padgitt that are thought provoking, informative and aid in Personal Growth and Development.  These articles will encourage you in areas of strengths and will motivate you to improve in areas of weakness.  Brenda has written articles for Equanimity Magazine, Ezine Articles, Bukisa Articles and The ASWIFTT Journal Newspaper.

Brenda is also the author of “How Did I Get Into This Mess? You Compromised, Saith the Lord,” and “The Young Scholar’s Workbook: Book I Vol. I”

She is also a publisher, radio host, educator and insurance agent.  Brenda’s books are published through her company Aswiftt Publishing, LLC which is also the parent company of Aswiftt Radio, Aswiftt Television and The Aswiftt Journal.

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Get Over It! Heal! Move On! by Glenda Fields

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Co-Founder Glenda Fields latest book “Get Over It! Heal! Move On!: Facing The Enemy Within” is  her personal memoirs.

The book  is a blend of her personal approach with a vision of Gods covering, grace, power, purpose, and destiny unfolded throughout the pages depicting her life’s journey.

These memoirs unveil the truth about our internal enemy, our worst nightmare, our biggest critic; our self by exposing how Satan uses people, things, places, in our lives to distort the true meaning of why we are here on planet earth.  It reveals his unknown and unseen strategies, woven in various stages of our life.

Glenda is also the author of “Look Out The Enemy Is Coming,” “The Enemy Among Us,” “Conversations With God,” “Diary of a Man Heart of a Woman,” and “I am on the Verge.”

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Silent Cry by Eunice Bridges

8-6-2012 by Brenda Johnson Padgitt

ASWIFTT Writer’s Guild Co-Founder, Eunice Bridges is set to release her latest book Silent Cry on August 15, 2012.  Silent Cry is a fiction book about Domestic Violence.  Ms. Bridges, who is also the author of “A Day Like Mine” and “Destiny of Flight.”

Eunice is also a playwright, film maker, executive director and producer.  She produced her first short film, “The Prayer of a Righteous Seed” and a trailer for her next project “Ain’t Going Out Like That!”

Ms. Bridges movie projects are created and produced through her film company EBs Flip The Script Productions.

She uses her past experiences to write books and make movies that will encourage and uplift audiences.

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